“I am Palestinian” an email interview with Salam Qumsiyeh

Salam is an interesting, hardworking young woman who cares deeply about Palestine. She took the time to meet with our tour group when I was in Palestine and has patiently answered questions since I met her.  

Salam, please tell us about yourself.

Salam Qumsiyeh.jpg

My name is Salam Qumsiyeh, 28 years old, from Bethlehem in Palestine. I enjoy music that enters my heart, and same for art. I have many favorite local and international musicians and artists.

Where do you go to learn or listen, to day dream?

I like to be in nature more than anything, although we barely have any left around here, as the land gets more and more confiscated each day by the Israeli government. Most of the space in the Bethlehem area is covered with houses and buildings.

What are your thoughts on the separation wall? How does it affect you?

It’s an apartheid wall not a separation wall. It was NOT built for security, as you hear on the media; it was built to confiscate more land to the Israeli side as well as essential water sources from Palestinians. The apartheid wall was NOT built on the borders between Israel and Palestine according to the Oslo agreement, yet it was built on a map that was designed by the Israeli government. (red = current wall, green = green line/border).

Salam has willingly shared her social media sites if you would like to contact her yourself with questions. We will hear more from Salam soon.

Website: salamq.weebly.com

instagram: Salam Qumsiyeh

Facebook: Salam M Qumsiyeh

Email: qumsiyehsalam@gmail.com